How To Best Maintain Your Garbage Disposal To Prevent The Need For Costly Replacements

Garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are a wonderful modern convenience, but they don't come without problems. They might break down or eventually need total replacement if they've reached the end of their lifespan or maintenance has fallen by the wayside, and that's where a trusted drain cleaning expert comes in. However, you can keep your garbage disposal in tip top shape simply by using it correctly, and we're here to help provide some tips and tricks towards ensuring that your plumbing fixtures are running at peak performance.

Good Plumbing Fixture Maintenance Starts With Proper Waste Disposal

Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to break down your garbage disposal is by overestimating what it can reasonably handle. While this appliance certainly helps make life easier, improper waste disposal can render it completely unusable until the problem has been resolved. Most people understand that you shouldn't put solid objects in there if you can help it, but many may not be aware of how to properly split food waste after preparing a meal in between your garbage disposal and the trash.

What not to put in your garbage disposal:

  • Bones and skin from poultry
  • Coffee grounds (these are great for composting, though!)
  • Grease, fat, and cooking oils
  • Starchy foods like pasta and rice
  • Many types of fruit and vegetable peels

Using the above for composting or properly disposing of them in the trash can help you keep your garbage disposal in perfect working order each and every day!

What To Do If You're In Need Of Repairs Or Replacements

If you're at the point where you're in need of repairs or replacements, all is not lost. Sometimes these things are just unavoidable, or you simply weren't aware of how to properly maintain your garbage disposal before an issue unfortunately occurred. When working with a trusted expert, they'll thoroughly inspect the garbage disposal and identify the root cause of the problem. It may boil down to a simple repair, or you may need an entirely new fixture, but either option will help get your kitchen back up and running again.

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